On Asphalt Bones

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The world was fine until the Eye appeared - wasn't it? The Inquisitor wouldn't know; all they seem to do is read. Read, and learn, and try to prevent the world from getting any worse than it has already become. But there looms the ever-present threat of a new God - one with bones of asphalt and leathery flesh - who threatens to plunge the world into new chaos.

Episode One: "The Judgement Recollections" releases 6th October 2021.

The Crew

Megan Scharlau

as The Inquisitor

Chloe Peterson

as The Vault

Ben Phantom

as The Prophet

Mackenzie Dillon

as The Mother

Grey Kilgour

as The Child

Devin McLaughlin

as The Soldier

Sammy Christiansen

as The Officer

Anna-Beth Brogan

as The Taken Officer

Katherine Death Andrýsková

as The Reporter

Sivan Raz

as The Cult Leader

Alanna Rogers

as The Guard

Finley Lemma

as Drew Garcia

Zoey Davis

as Dana Wilson

Vincent Meier

as Andy Green

Morgan Greensmith

as Tyler

Jordan Hendrickson

as Jesse

Emile Thompson

as Piper

Val West

as Puck

Michael M

as Finn

Scarlett Foster

Executive Producer, Writer, Composer, Director, and Audio Engineer

Alanna Rogers

Producer and Audio Engineer

Alex Abrahams

Producer, Writer, Script Editor, and Director

Sivan Raz



Visual Artist and Outro Voice

Anna-Beth Brogan

Visual Artist

Sammy Christiansen

Visual Artist, Writer, and Script Editor


Visual Artist


Visual Artist

Grey Kilgour

Script Editor

on asphalt bones will debut on 6th october 2021 at 4pm BST.

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