The Children of Room 56

Spiritsford. The lakes have teeth. The walls have eyes. There's a hotel for ghosts in the woods. Sam Moss and her tight-knit group of friends have been investigating the mysteries of Spiritsford since they were children, and they enjoy it... until one of their own goes missing.

Chip Romero has disappeared. And Sam is determined to find him.

But the supernatural creatures of the town are getting increasingly malicious, and Sam's chances of actually finding her friend seem near-impossible.

Transcripts are available here.

The crew

Alex Abrahams

Head Writer, Director, Audio Editor, Voice of Evan Pearce, Additional Voices

Grey Kilgour

Writer, Script Editor, Audio Editor, Voice of Hyacinthe Pierce, Additional Voices

Chloe Peterson

Writer, Director, Script Editor, Voice of Stephanie Wright, Jamie Myrtle, Additional Voices

Jordan Hendrickson

Script Editor, Composer, Audio Editor, Voice of The Shapeshifter, Additional Voices

Moira-Juliet Scott

Director, Script Editor, Voice of Calliope Morris

Wyn Grillo

Audio Editor, Script Editor, Additional Voices

Stoker Leopold

Audio Editor, Additional Voices

Alin P

Audio Editor

Livie Martin

Audio Editor, Voice of Jessica Pearce, Additional Voices

Olivia Carter

Audio Editor

Zoey Davies

Audio Editor

Tam Silverman

Voice of Sam Moss

Shawn Tumbokon-Flowers

Voice of Nicky Dixon

Michael M

Voice of Chip Romero

Eden J. Storm

Poet, Voice of Freddie Shaw

Scarlett Foster

Voice of the Orange-Eyed Man

Aquila Pullen

Voice of Aster Ross

Lucy Anne Cowling

Voice of Lizzie Russell

Dizzy Cooper

Voice of Naomi Hamilton

Sam Gerard

Voice of Mya Lowe

Favor Idika

Voice of Jupiter Milburn

Grace Demopoulos

Voice of Rose Bell

Kailyn Bakken

Voice of Marie Austin

Ana Paula Ponce

Voice of Kathy Romero

James Strickland

Voice of Jordan Ambrose, Additional Voices

Ciaran Mallon

Voice of Shawn Manning, Additional Voices

Roswell Hellinger

Voice of Eli Wyman, Additional Voices

Miles Jonathan Bagarinao

Voice of Doug Ross, Additional Voices

Equinox Carnwath

Voice of Christopher Ross, Additional Voices

Tony Pelley

Voice of June Bishop, Additional Voices

Nora Wilson

Additional Voices

Grey Cyr

Additional Voices

Rae Flores

Additional Voices

Laige S

Additional Voices

Sammy Christiansen

Script Editor, Additional Voices

Nancy Robinson

Additional Voices

Ghost King

Script Editor, Additional Voices

Sophia Moog

Additional Voices

Xander Hackett-Holdford

Additional Voices

Arlo Palenčár

Additional Voices

Ben Phantom

Visual Artist

Hannah Zusmanovich

Visual Artist


Visual Artist

Megan Cason

Script Editor, Visual Artist

Molly Moseley

Visual Artist

Tierney Bennett


Noelle Day

Script Editor

Rohan D'Alby

Script Editor


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